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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

How often will Professionals The Wright Team conduct rental inspections?

The first inspection normally takes place 6 weeks after you move in to the property. In most cases, we then inspect the property every 3 months thereafter.

So, on a 12-month lease you will find that we inspect the property 4 times.

We will advise you 7 -14 days prior to coming out to inspect. Generally, these inspections will take place between 8.30am and 12pm or 1pm and 5pm.

What penalties will I incur should I break my lease agreement early?

You’ll be responsible for the rent and any re-letting costs including the unexpired portion of the letting fee.

How long will it take to process my application?

Provided you complete the application in full and provide all the relevant documentation – we will endeavour to process your application within 48 hours.

How can I pay my rent?

We have a BPay payment system in place. There are other options if BPay does not work for you. Speak to our staff to find out more.

Can I have a pet?

In most cases, pets are considered on application. It’s important to consider the suitability of each pet on a case-by-case basis as some pets are more compatible with certain types of properties. Ultimately, the property owner will have the final say as to whether your application will be approved with your pets.

Can another person move in with me?

You must seek permission to add people to your lease. Additional tenants must complete our application process and sign onto the lease. We may refuse your request if the property is unsuitable for an additional person, or the person you are proposing does not meet our eligibility criteria

Who is responsible for garden maintenance?

It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the gardens unless maintenance has been included in the lease. Tenants are required to keep plants and lawns watered and to comply with sprinkler restrictions, mow lawn areas regularly and removed weeds and debris as required. If reticulation fails, tenants are responsible for maintaining regular watering until it is fixed.

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