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What to do with a spare bedroom

5 Mar 2018 Professionals The Wright Team 0 Comment

What to do with a spare bedroom

Have more room in your home than you know what to do with? While it may seem like a good problem to have, a lot of homeowners find themselves with an extra room that doesn’t get utilised to its fullest.

Rather than leaving the room empty or using it as a glorified storage space, why not turn it into something useful?

Guest room

A guest room is the obvious choice for a spare bedroom and can be great if you have a lot of out of town visitors or grown up children that occasionally like to stay over. If you don’t have a lot of visitors you could consider renting out your spare bedroom to get an extra income.

Home office

Whether you work from home or just find yourself answering emails after-hours, a home office can be a great place to get some quiet solitude. Many families find it useful to have a dedicated room where they can close the door and get stuck into any projects or store work related materials.

A home office doesn’t require a lot of space so it can be a good use for small room.

Kid’s playroom

Sick of stepping on Lego pieces left lying on the living room floor?

If you can, it can make life easier to contain all the kid’s toys to one room. This will help keep toys from being scattered all around the house and will make for a fun room that kids can retreat to.

Dressing room

If you’re after a bit of luxury, an extra bedroom can make for the perfect walk in closet or dressing room. This can work particularly well if located near the main bedroom.

Just be careful of knocking down walls, as losing a bedroom on the floor plan may impact the property price.

Multifunctional space

Can’t decide what to do with your spare room? In more cases than not the problem with a spare room is that there aren’t enough of them.

Making a room serve a dual purpose may be your best option. Be clever about the furniture you use in a spare room. For example you may want to use a bed that folds into the wall so that you can use a room as a bedroom when needed, and as an office or recreational space the rest of the time.

What if you’re selling?

Don’t leave an unused room empty when selling. Try to style the room so it demonstrates how the room can be used.

How you style it may depend on the furniture you already have, but in general it’s best to decorate a spare room as an extra bedroom or as a study.

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