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The five renovation jobs you should never tackle

11 Jan 2018 Professionals The Wright Team 1 Comment

The five renovation jobs you should never tackle

It’s a natural for anyone to try and save money whenever possible. Especially while trying to renovate the overpriced dump.

Who hasn’t done the math and realized for the same price as hiring a plumber, we could buy a brand-new Lexus or case of Barry O’Farrell Grange?

However, if you want to avoid a world of complications, pain, and a possible messy divorce, experienced renovators will assure you that some jobs are better left to the experts.

Here are five of those jobs:


Most people think they can save money by painting themselves because how hard can it be? And honestly, you can probably pick up the skill of painting from a YouTube video. However, what makes painting the worst job any renovator can attempt is what it does to your head.

When people attend TAFE to become master painters, there is only one 90-minute lesson that explains how to use a brush and a roller. The rest of the course is dedicated to coping with the pure mental torture of the job. Ever curious why professional painters always wear white overalls? It’s basically the uniform of the lunatic asylum… and they do go well with the padded cell.

Even just choosing the paint is a difficult process.

Then for the preparation; filling gaps, then sanding and scraping, wiping surfaces down, re-filling, and sanding again…putting a man in space requires less groundwork.

Finally, maybe three months later, you’re allowed to paint. First, you do this thing called cutting in which entails painting along a completely straight ceiling line where your brush doesn’t want to cooperate.

Now on to the rolling, which entails mastering a device that sprays paint across the room just like a garden sprinkler. Avoid wearing glasses unless you want to see the world covered in tiny specks.

And remember, you have to repeat this THREE TIMES. And you’re not finished just yet. Don’t forget the woodwork, the doors, and well it never ends.


Wallpaper Hanging

 It sounds simple, but this is much harder than it sounds. Honestly, doing the job correctly takes the skill of Eddie O’Beid’s ethics teacher. Good wallpaper hangers have a process. Guided by the pattern, they figure out where on the wall to start. They then adjust their adhesive depending on the humidity and from there line up each sheet.

If you tried this, you probably wouldn’t do any of these things. By starting at one and end working your way over, you’d be creating something that looks like an unfinished art project.


Insulating the ceiling

 You think it can’t be that hard, right? It’s just cutting fibreglass batts with a knife then inserting them in between the ceiling rafters. That bit is the easy part. The difficulty comes when you spend the next three days scratching like a drug addict.



 It’s easy to understand why attempting to try plumbing may be smart and save some money. Plumbers are like cafe owners, they basically make up the price as they go. However, plumbing is a skill that can take years to master and you probably don’t have the time for that.

If you are still tempted, be aware that besides replacing a washer, doing your own plumbing is illegal. Do you even want to do a job that involves playing in poo and wee? Also, depending on the type of pipes depends on the tools you need. Old copper pipes require learning how to solder while plastic pipes need crimpling tools.

Basically, just put this job in the too difficult basket, pay a plumber, and forget that vacation to Italy.


Electrical work

Electricity is invisible, period. You can’t see it, and electrical currents can kill you. Just don’t try, OK?


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