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Girrawheen Suburb Report

7 Sep 2017 Professionals The Wright Team 0 Comment

Girrawheen is a small and remarkably beautiful town in Western Australia. First established in 1970, Girrawheen roughly translates to “the place of flowers” in the native Aboriginal dialect. The variety of flowers and other natural beauty found here makes it easy to under the inspiration for the name.

Since the 1970s, Girrawheen has seen slow but consistent growth, with a residential population of about 9,000. While the population is relatively small, the proximity to Perth’s central business district, which is located about 15 kilometers south of Girrawheen, provides the town with access to the amenities, shops and other benefits of a larger city.

With so much natural beauty surrounding them, it makes sense that the residents of Girrawheen are laid back and easygoing. In addition, there are a few community facilities and institutions, including two shopping centers, several parks and four churches where residents can frequently be found.

Time on Market

The market of buyers interested in Girrawheen is fairly stable. Typically, the average number of visits an individual property will receive before being sold is 111, which is lower than in the rest of the state.

Sale Prices

Over the past few years, the sale price of housing in Girrawheen has remained more or less the same. The median price of a home in Girrawheen so far in 2017 is estimated at $342,500. While it is true that the sale price has declined a bit in recent years, sale prices are still slightly higher than they were in 2011, when the median price was about $320,000.

Number of Properties This Year

As of the end of April 2017, about 140 homes have been sold in Girrawheen so far this year. Based on other available metrics, this fits in with the general market picture.

Number of Properties Expected to Sell by End of Year

If historic selling patterns are reliable indicators this year, it is reasonable to estimate that there will be fewer homes sold by the end of the year in Girrawheen when compared to last year. This is largely due to the fact that there has been a general market slowdown in Western Australia recently.


Girrawheen is a small, friendly suburban town, and the population is fairly typical for this type of town in Western Australia.

Based on recent census data, the average age of Girrawheen residents is 33, which is about four years younger than in neighboring Perth. Incomes here are lower than the state average as well, with census data estimating a median income of just under $2,000 per capita. For reference, the median income for the state is about $2,700.

Approximately 16 percent of the population consists of established couples and families with young or teenage children, while 15.6 percent of the population consists of older couples and families with children in college or living on their own. By comparison, 13.8 percent of the population is made up of “independent youth.” To contrast, just 8.7 percent and 3.4 percent of the population consists of elderly singles and elderly couples, respectively.

Unique Features

Girrawheen has several features that make it stand out as a town worth visiting or living in. As a long running urban renewal project, Girrawheen features excellent property value without the congestion or pollution of the big city. Excellent infrastructure and lots of public parks make Girrawheen an ideal and place for young families.


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